Conversations with Artists

Collaborative conversations about Practices and Work.



John Murphy interviewing Nadia Sablin

In an age where the rapid consumption of media images creates a disconnect from the capability to create organic connections, the empathetic photograph has never been more important. Photographers John William Murphy and Nadia Sablin discuss the role of connection, community and empathy as a tools for photographers in representation.


Shawn Rowe interviewing Kenneth Guthrie

Today I sat down with photographer Kenneth Guthrie who was kind enough to take time out of his busy final semester of graduate school to talk about Columbia College Chicago and his two projects The Way You Look at Me and Slim Non-Masc Faggot Bundles Faggots.  During our conversation we discussed growing up queer in the South and how the current cultural moment impacts art making.  

Kenneth_Guthrie_04_Kenneth In Chemise(2018)_4.jpg


Separate Checks - Collaborators Adam Mathieu & Katelyn Montagna

Partners Adam Mathieu and Katelyn Montagna get closer with an artist on artist interview. Learn how they keep up with the process of making a career post college with their co-founded artist collective, Separate Checks.