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Shauna Caldwell - Strong Roots

Shauna Caldwell discusses her current research as an Appalachian woman and artist, grappling with the historic and contemporary representations of that identity and how her interdisciplinary Master’s degree program informs her evolving practice. Combining landscape, historic photographic processes, and portraiture, alongside academic research in Appalachian Studies, Shauna dives deeper and deeper into what it means to inform an identity physically and emotionally close to home.

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Ally Christmas - “NEWSTUFFWHOKNOWS” & Other Things Stored In My Hard Drive

Ally Christmas is a recent graduate from the University of Georgia’s MFA program, and she is currently teaching photo and video at Grinnell College in Iowa. This brief text delves into her thoughts on the transition from graduate school to teaching, and questions what the balance between making and working might look like (or should look like? -- an ongoing conversation between her and herself). Is landing a job the permanent solvent for anxiety? Will that sinking feeling ever go away?